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FIELD TRIP: Sunday, December 12 – Huntington Beach State Park
LECTURES: Due to COVID-19 our Lecture Series
will remain virtual until further notice.

Huntington Beach Field trip, Dec. 12

After a long hiatus because of COVID-19, we’re resuming our CNHS field trip schedule on Sunday, December 12 with our annual visit to Huntington Beach State Park from 7 a.m. until about 3 p.m..

This is a highly favored destination for many SC birders, and we could see a variety of ducks and other waterfowl (in recent years Redheads, Pintails and Canvasbacks have put in appearances on or near the Mullet Pond), wading birds, shorebirds, gulls, terns, eagles and other raptors, and songbirds. Along the beach we could see Piping Plovers, and at the jetty we might encounter Purple Sandpipers or a Great Cormorant. We should see Common and Red-throated Loons offshore and in Murrells Inlet, and probably some Bonaparte’s Gulls too. And we could get lucky and see a Common Eider, Long-tailed Duck or one or more of the three species of scoters. In 2016 we were treated to great views of a cooperative Black Guillemot!

This trip is limited to 20 participants. Wearing a mask outdoors is optional, but if you are not yet vaccinated, we request that you wear one – for your own safety and that of your fellow birders. We also recommend practicing social distancing during the trip. If you feel unwell, or are experiencing symptoms such as coughing, loss of smell or taste, or fever, PLEASE STAY HOME! Finally, carpooling is at the discretion of the participants. All participants who wish to carpool should be willing to share their vaccination status with other carpoolers. While traveling by car with non-cohabitants, the use of masks is strongly encouraged (regardless of vaccine status) according to guidance from the CDC.

Note: there is a $8 per person fee to enter the park ($5 for seniors). If you plan to attend, please register with Andy Harrison prior to December 12, by email or call 843-327-3546. Complete details in our calendar.

Stream Our Lectures!

Stay tuned for details about the next online lecture of The Charleston Natural History & Audubon Society. Check back for the topic and instruction to log-in from your computer. Virtual chats start at 6 p.m. — with the lecture at 6:30.

We use the free Zoom platform, which you can download by clicking here. To join the meeting, we post a link here. We look forward to seeing you all!

Welcome to the Charleston, SC Audubon

We are the Charleston Natural History Society (CNHS)and  Charleston‘s Audubon society – a South Carolina chapter of the National Audubon Society since 1970. Founded as the Charleston Natural History Society in 1905, we serve Berkeley, Charleston and Dorchester counties. We are a nonprofit environmental organization that actively promotes awareness, appreciation and conservation of the natural environment through educational programs, field trips, conservation projects, sponsored research and social activities.

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As we take steps to reduce mailing costs and use less paper we're developing an email newsletter to keep members informed about lectures, fieldtrips, news and notes of interest. We will be greatly reducing the number of print newsletters we produce each year. Lowcountry birding and natural history notes and chapter news will be available through the web site, by email, and PDFs of the Lesser Squawk available online.

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Chapter Bits + Briefs

Local membership is available by joining the National Audubon Society. Please visit our membership page online, or download a copy of our local newsletter, The Lesser Squawk, which always includes a membership application that you can cut-out and mail.

Don‘t miss our calendar page for information about our lecture series, fieldtrips and other Lowcountry events.

For over a year now we've been using a new chapter logo on our newsletters, signage and Facebook page. Designed for flexibility, we hope that this graphic can serve to identify our group for a long time to come. Different species of birds will be used in various contexts, and we hope to make the logo available to members – on t-shirts, decals, and possibly some other merchandise.

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If you'd like to provide feedback – or if you'd particularly like to see the logo on a baseball cap, notecard or other item, please send us a note and let us know: .