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Field Trips Return this Fall – Check Back for Our Sept. 2018 Schedule! 
LECTURE: Wed. May 9: Birding By Ear – Visually! 

Welcome to the Charleston, SC Audubon

We are the Charleston Natural History Society (CNHS)and  Charleston‘s Audubon society – a South Carolina chapter of the National Audubon Society since 1970. Founded as the Charleston Natural History Society in 1905, we serve Berkeley, Charleston and Dorchester counties. We are a nonprofit environmental organization that actively promotes awareness, appreciation and conservation of the natural environment through educational programs, field trips, conservation projects, sponsored research and social activities.

Spring 2018 Birdathon + Count: Sign-Up Now!

Our 2018 Spring Count + Birdathon takes place on Sunday, May 6th. In addition to contributing important population data via citizen science, the Spring Count is an important fundraiser for our local Audubon chapter. Please consider making a donation (you can use PayPal, below or mial in the downloadable form) in support of the birders who participate in our count this year. Results will be posted shortly after the count. Many thanks to Andy Harrison who has organized things again this year. Interested in participating? Please contact Andy via .

Learn more about participation in the Spring Count and how to help make our Birdathon a success.

Support Our Audubon – Donate With PayPal!

Official PayPal Seal Note that your online transactions are protected: PayPal is among the most-trusted online pay services, and our chapter is PayPal Verified for yout assurance. For management purposes our PayPal account is managed through our chsaudubon gmail account.

National dues, our birdseed sale and Spring birdathon help our chapter operate, but we need your help to do more. Longleaf pine restoration at the McAlhany preserve, public outreach and support for conservation and environmental research and education are all valuable, and costly — and we encourage you to donate generously. Choose to give any amount you choose, donate securely through PayPal (no Paypal account required!) and rest assured that 100% of donations will be used to support the Charleston Audubon and Natural History Society Mission.

SIGN-UP NOW – Chapter News by eMail

As we take steps to reduce mailing costs and use less paper we're developing an email newsletter to keep members informed about lectures, fieldtrips, news and notes of interest. We will be greatly reducing the number of print newsletters we produce each year. Lowcountry birding and natural history notes and chapter news will be available through the web site, by email, and PDFs of the Lesser Squawk available online.

To receive emails, please sign up now!  Your information will remain private (i.e. all membership and contact information remains private and will never be sold or shared) and you unmaysubscribe at any time.

Dive into Pluff Mud Perspectives

›› Visit Cathy Miller’s Pluff Mud Perspectives for one CNHS member’s news,
   views, photos and more!

Those of us who have been lucky enough to watch Cathy take a keen interest in photography and turn it into a productive passion, AND had the good fortune to see her many wonderful trip reports and photographs in our email in-boxes over the past few years... We are thrilled that she has taken up the challenge and launched a blog.
    Join us in our apprciation — Cathy's essays and photographs capture the Lowcounty, birds and wildlife as we all wish we could, and her trips and travel repots make for some nice reading too. With plenty of links to additional resources, background and just plain interesting stuff... You owe it to yourself to visit the Pluff Mud regularly.

Chapter Bits + Briefs

Local membership is available by joining the National Audubon Society. Please visit our membership page online, or download a copy of our local newsletter, The Lesser Squawk, which always includes a membership application that you can cut-out and mail.

Don‘t miss our calendar page for information about our lecture series, fieldtrips and other Lowcountry events.

For over a year now we've been using a new chapter logo on our newsletters, signage and Facebook page. Designed for flexibility, we hope that this graphic can serve to identify our group for a long time to come. Different species of birds will be used in various contexts, and we hope to make the logo available to members – on t-shirts, decals, and possibly some other merchandise.

Click on the images below to see enlarged versions:
Charleston Audubon lofo type 1    Charleston Audubon logo type 2    Charleston Audubon logo - black and white type 3

If you'd like to provide feedback – or if you'd particularly like to see the logo on a baseball cap, notecard or other item, please send us a note and let us know: .